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Modern Day Greek Gods - Interpretations of the Olympic Pantheon (plus a few more!)

Click these links for descriptions of each character:

Poseidon Zeus Hades Artemis Apollo AphroditeHera Hermes Athena Dionysus Ares Hestia Hephaestus Demeter Persephone

Holy crap! Finally finished, and here’s the masterpost! I’ve had so much fun with all of these. It was a great exercise in character design and I really got into it (lol originally I was only going to do Hera and Zeus).  Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragement on this project!

Now onto the next!

(also sorry because I know I’ve been spamming you with the last ones all day)



I was looking through my old gifs and…

the way he shifts his weight is killing me 

too much sexuality in him