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Tom Read - Do not stand at my grave and weep

- Lydia dove into mythology. She also started taking self defense lessons with Kira and made friends with Meredith.

- Stiles started training with Derek to recover his physical status. He loves the creek where tiny white flowers bloom nearby.

- Scott was much better at controlling his Alpha status. And becoming a better leader, too.

They will not break     They will not weep  

She’s the breeze, the rain, the running creek

(I want a fic of this;w; Badly;w; Everyone recovering and helping each other;w; YUP;w; And also Chris and Issac bonding and stuff;w;)

P.S. can anyone direct me to the original post of Scott placing a pen in front of Allison’s grave? I couldn’t find it and I didn’t ask for your permission I am very sorry…


get to know me meme (five relationships): steve and danny [4/5]

Danno: You’re a sick person, you know that? 
Steve: In the best possible way though, right? 
Danno: No, no, not in the best possible way. In a very terrible way. It’s not a compliment. You understand?